REVIEW: Mamajae - Return To The Red Edge

“Where the edge of the earth is red dirt and the outlook vast” encapsulates the wonder that fulfils Mamajae’s second EP, Return To The Red Edge. Articulated by Teaghan Alexander, the vocalist implies the many pockets of discovery that this four-track inhabits, yet will not necessarily be met upon one sole listen.

This “edge” will not be one instantly connected with either – you’ve got to invest in the journey to reap such a reward. A rather long and windy road, the scale of this body is large; with its textural features omnipotent in a rather dark and alluring way.

From the mighty opener, ‘Seven Hour Stream’, our hypnotic temptress projects a witchy demeanour that lays consistent throughout the entirety of the EP - entwining her clawed fingers up and around the strings of her bandmates instruments; each elongated solo acting as a result of her puppetry.

With a harrowing melody in ‘The Red Edge’, the instrumentation has officially fallen under a mystical spell, submitting to the demands and living in resonance to Alexander.

Maturing with power, a sense of uprising becomes of the guitars and rhythm section in ‘Daysleeper’ as they lead in fiery harmony with their vocal counterpart.

The hard-hitting strain of power from our temptress begins to dissipate by the closing track (and leading single) ‘Predator’. Falling victim to her own demand, a shift in sovereignty prevails as an amassed culture of metallic clashes, rich melodies and scratching soundscapes present their combined dictatorship.

Neutralising in its final exhales though will uncover the physical exertion of this interchangeable prowess, offering a level of vulnerability to this narrative that our persona had since concealed.

Incredibly clever in its sequencing as it dishes up a story to experience, Mamajae’s Return To The Red Edge is a mighty prism of wealth, boasting a compelling nature of incredibly rich form and illustration.